UEFA bans Manchester United and Nice from playing in the same European Cup.

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UEFA bans Manchester United and Nice from playing in the same European Cup.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has insisted that Manchester United and Nice, which have the same shareholder as Sir Jim Ratcliffe, will not be able to compete in the European Club Cup. same item.

Manchester United are on the upswing. It hit the nail on the head when the European Football Federation (UEFA) insisted that Manchester United and Nice. Which have the same โปรโมชั่น ufabet shareholder as Sir Jim Ratcliffe, would not able to play in the European Club Cup. same item

Previously, it was noted that risk ban from participating in next season’s UEFA Champions League. When Ratcliffe arrived at the club. Because he is also the owner of the Nice team, there is a high chance that he will be one of the representatives of Ligue 1 to the Champions League next season as well.

Under UEFA’s club ownership rules, the only way Manchester United and Nice

Can remain in European competition together is the only way. That is, one team will play in the Champions League and the other team will play in a lesser cup. But if both and Nice can rank in the league. And win the Champions League quota at the same time. Then there will only be 1 team that is “rank”. It’s better” to go play in the Big E Cup. While the other team will bann from the Champions League by default.

As for the case of Manchester United and Nice finishing in exactly the same place. The criterion that will be taken into account is the coefficient of each league in the UEFA rankings. Where the English Premier League is number 1 right now. Equal getting to play in the Champions League, while Nice are banned.

In fact, Ratcliffe himself has previously confirmed

That fans need not worry about kick out of next season’s Champions League once. He has had preliminary talks with UEFA. “We’ve talk to United. “There is no reason why holding shares in Nice would preven from participating in the Champions League. I am happy to make that clear.”

However, a UEFA source recently said: “It is true. That and Nice will not be able to play in the same cup.”

“They can play together. Well, only in different cups. So that there will be no more favors between two clubs in one competition.”