3 Card Poker Rules

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3 Card Poker Rules

Three card poker (or 3 card poker) is one of the newest and most exciting poker variations to appear in online casinos. With more ways to bet, three card poker is popular with players looking for a fast-paced card game. Learn the rules. Discover the best poker hands and find the best three card poker sites with our expert guide.

There are two basic ways to play three card poker: ante play and pair plus bets. Depending on a player’s hand. Ante bets and pair plus bets have specific rules players require to follow at UFABET.

Ante Bet

When someone mentions ‘ante poker’ they mean a mandatory bet. Which all players wager an equal amount of money or chips. Before any cards dealt. Players add their ante wagers in the ante space before seeing their cards. If a player wants to stay in the game after seeing their cards, they must place a play bet equal to the ante in the play space. Ante bets play out in one of four ways in three card poker:

  1. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t contain a queen. The player will receive even money on their ante bet and the play bet is return.
  2. If the dealer’s hand does have a queen, the player receives even money on both the ante and play bets if they have the higher hand. If they have the lower hand, the player loses both bets.
  3. When the player and dealer tie, both ante bets and play bets push.

If a player makes the ante bet and has a straight or higher, then the player will receive an ante bonus.

Pair Plus Bet

This bet is even simpler than the ante bet. Essentially, players make a wager dealt a pair. If the player receives a pair in the three cards dealt to them they win, even if the dealer beats the player’s hand in the ante game. If the player isn’t dealt a pair. They lose their pair plus bet.

Ante play is the most common bet in 3 card poker and is made against the dealer. Conversely, a pair plus bet is a wager made on yourself.