How important is iron? Is it dangerous if it’s missing?

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          Iron is a group of water-soluble minerals. It is important in strengthening hemoglobin. which is an important component of red blood cells And it serves to transport oxygen to various organs in the body. Therefore, if the body lacks, it may result in a decrease in blood concentration. Because it does not create enough blood to meet the body’s needs.

          And if there is a lack for a long time. There may be a risk of Anemia , causing fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, chills, short attention span, sharpness, quickness in response or slower analytical thinking. The longer the deficiency lasts, The symptoms will only get more severe. Especially deficiency in young children can affect the growth of the child’s brain. UFABET This causes children to have poorer development than children who have never had deficiency.

Normally, an adult’s body should receive approximately 10.4 milligrams per day for males. And females should receive approximately 24.7 milligrams per day. But for teenagers woman during menstruation pregnant woman. There will be an increased demand. We can get iron from the food we eat each day.

However, getting iron from plants, vegetables, fruits, or mushrooms will be less than that from meat. Therefore, to increase absorption. You should eat iron-rich foods together with foods containing vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. As well as avoid drinking milk or antacids with foods containing iron. Because it may prevent or reduce the absorption of iron by the body.